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The process of Drop Shipping and Fulfillment take many angles to get it right. There are very few good companies out there that can help companies from start up to international growth and stay with them and serve them without issues. We work with the best of the best. One that has been serving the industry for over 25 years in Specialty Fulfillment Center. Scott Richey owner makes sure that when a company comes on board things go smooth. They have their own in house IT team and they are able to integrate their system into ANY shopping or sales car tin the world. Their IT teams even build custom plugins if needed to get the software to run smoothly.

One of the other companies to integrate Cross Border Shipping is Yakit. Yakit Cross Border Shipping Software Solutions help integrate their software into any shopping cart and even has apps int he Shopify App Store and soon Big Commerce app. Yakit allows exact duties and taxes calculated and customer can pay for them and then there are no other steps or processes. Below is just a fun little video of what we and our partners do for you.¬†Our Drop Shipping and Fulfillment Logistics at it’s best