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The world is shrinking, your clients are coming from all points around the globe and they expect a hassle free delivery in a timely fashion.  Custom Parcel Solutions takes a customized approach through our relationships around the world.  Our solutions will allow you to ‘get closer’ to your end customer and shrink the delivery time frame while taking advantage of local delivery solutions that help drive down costs.

CPS has partnered with ‘Best Practice Providers’  who literally can have you up and running in days at multiple distribution and fulfillment points in Asia, Europe, Canada and the United States. Our fully integrated solutions will allow you to shrink your end delivery times and reduce your shipping costs, while providing the highest level of transparency and integrative fulfillment options.  Whether your product consists of ‘trial offers’ or hard sales,  if you require signature delivery or regular post delivery, your customers are going to experience a delivery solution second to none.  Making happy E-commerce buyers is our number one goal.  Typically our delivery and fulfillment solutions will allow your clients to receive their parcels within 2-5 days and provide you the milestone delivery information that will allow you to keep your customers up to speed on the arrival process of their purchase.

International shipping can sometimes be incredibly difficult to master and learn, especially for those trying to start, run, and operate their own businesses. Your core focus must be geared towards the every changing E-commerce marketplace. Why struggle to learn the ins and outs of overseas B to C delivery methods when you can access the knowledge and resources of Custom Parcel Solutions. Helping you focus on your core business and making sure that your customers deliveries are putting smiles on their faces is our job. CPS was developed to help companies save valuable time, money and energies that can be spent growing their businesses.

Our largest area of growth revolves around our ability to offer unique and cost effective delivery solutions by leveraging our technical and cloud based solutions that allow you the E-commerce client to start thinking about getting your products delivered faster without becoming a logistics expert, who has to deal with transporting your product from your manufacturing facility in China all the way to a fulfillment company here in the U.S.  CPS vetted partnerships have ‘stitched’ together the full ability to pick up your product from your manufacturer, transport the goods to one of our global fulfillment facilities and onboard your product into our system.  No more dealing with ocean freight/air freight/ time on the water/port hassles and strikes, and waiting around for your container to show up at your door.  START SELLING SOONER AND START SHIPPING SOONER WITH CUSTOM PARCEL SOLUTIONS.

To find out more about the right international shipping partners for your company, and to learn more about how Custom Parcel Solutions can go to work to save your company precious time and money please contact Ray Kamm CEO of CPS to arrange a discussion.

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