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International drop shipping is a process that has saved companies thousands and thousands of dollars.  So what is it?  What is the shipping process that has proven to be hugely convenient for businesses both small and large?

Drops Shipping | International Drop Shipping Logistics

Drop Shipping International Drop Shipping Logistics

International drop shipping is a process that gives businesses the opportunity to sell products online but without having to keep the stock or ship the products.  Who handles stocking the products and shipping the products?  It is the drop shipper.

So what are the international drop shipping logistics?

  1. You Can Get A Product To A Customer Without The Customer Knowing The Product Is From A Drop Shipper

If you’re going to work with a drop shipping service, you don’t want your clients knowing that some other service is getting the product to them.  You want the process to seem as seamless as possible.

With a drop shipper, you sell whatever product it is that you’re going to sell.  Then you order the product from the drop shipper.  The drop shipper then packages the product and gets it to the customer.  Your details, in most cases, are on the packages.  Therefore, the customer has no way of knowing that you’re working with a drop shipper.

Another advantage of drop shipping, in addition to not having to stock items and an easier cash flow to the business, is the elimination of duplication of effort.  The drop shipping service takes care of the shipping and packages, leaving a company the task of solely focusing on sales

  1. You Make Money Through Ordering Through The Drop Shipper

So how can a company possibly make money working with a drop shipper?  Easy. When a business orders a product through a drop shipper, they do so with a wholesale price.  In the meantime, the business has sold the customer the product at the retail price.  Therefore, the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price is the profit for the company.

Also, in some cases, a company makes money through commission rather than the difference between wholesale and retail.

  1. Where Can You Find Drop Shipping Services?

In the 21st century, drop shipper services can be found all over the world.  Some of the popular locations include Canada, the UK, Asia and Australia.

  1. What Type Of Products Does A Drop Shipper Have?

A company may be surprised at the wide variety of items available to order from a drop shipper to sell to customers.  They include everything from clothing, to automotive, to books, to DVDs and movies, to computers, to fragrances, to health and fitness products, to home and garden products, to jewelry, to vitamins, and on and on.

  1. How Do You Find A Drop Shipper That Has The Products You Want to Sell?
  • A third way is to go to trade shows and convention halls to find out what people are doing regarding drop shippers. What information do they have to share with you?
  • There are some basic steps that you should take to find the perfect drop shipper service.The fastest way to find information about international drop shipping logistics is to get online and do an Internet search. If you feel you are unable to put in the strongest keywords into a search engine to get the most reliable results, this is a job that you can hire out as part of your business.
  • A second way is to locate the manufacturer of the product you’re interested in. Then contact the manufacturer to get information on their drop shippers. You can do the same thing with a vendor.
  • A fourth way is to ask anyone you know who may have information about drop shipper services. Pick their brains.
  1. Are There Disadvantages To Working With a Drop Shipper?

Although working with a drop shipper can be advantageous to a business, there are a few risks.

  1. Long Order Process

Anytime you work with a third part, there may be a delay to the consumer.  The consumer may happily accept a slower shipment process, or they may move on to a new business if they find one that ships faster.  This is a chance that you take when working with a drop shipper.  However, keep in mind that there are drop shippers that work with a business and get the product to the consumer extremely fast.  When you research drop shippers, you’ll be able to determine who has the fastest shipping process.

  1. Backorders

Since you are working with a drop shipper, there is the possibility that a product that you ordered is on backorder.  There could be a long wait, or there could be a short wait.  In any case, backorders affect the bottom line, which is the consumer.  A good drop shipper company will keep a business informed of any items that are on backorder to better serve the customer.

  1. Scam Artists

When you chose a drop shipper vendor, you are trusting that 1) the vendor has the products and 2) that the products will get to the consumer.  If you are enticed by scam artists who in actuality have no products to sell to you and to ultimately get to the consumer, that could put you out of business.  Therefore, it’s very important that you do your homework.

Despite some of the problems that can occur with international drop shippers, the benefits, for many companies, outweigh the risks.

The best way to have the most efficient and pleasant experience possible with a drop shipper is to do your homework.  Once you find a good service and one who is attuned to your needs, you’ll be on your way to satisfying customers and saving money and time.

Customers will not be in a position to see the products before buying them, other than photos online. It’s your job to work with clients in a way that will entice them to buy from you and for you to have a process that results in continued sales and profits. Drop Shipping | International Drop Shipping Logistics