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Most online retailers and brick and mortar store owners shy away from making any shipping changes during the all important fourth quarter.  The Holiday shipping season is the bread and butter of their annual profits in many cases and all systems must be in place for seamless delivery to their customers.  Although this strategy does make a lot of sense when your customers are local and national consumers within the United States, the holiday season presents an opportunity to UPGRADE,  your delivery platform and performance by offering duty and tax paid shipping through YAKIT.

The overseas consumers who purchase on average, considerably more per site visit and buy higher end quality products more regularly could be under-appreciated by the ‘stay the course’ strategy that many online retailers take during the 4th quarter holiday shipping season.

International Drop shipping to the UK | Domestic Drop Sshipping and fulfillment warehouse

International Drop shipping to the UK | Domestic Drop Sshipping and fulfillment warehouse

that is easy to use and is built to make shipping duty delivery paid the standard of smart, forward thinking E-Tailors who want to focus on making sure that their foreign buyers are completely satisfied and have a great online purchasing experience.

Many online retailers are reticent to ship to India and China and have not even offered these countries growing middle classes the ability to buy their products. YAKIT makes USA to India and USA to China shipping affordable and can allow your brick and mortar or online site or Marketplace the flexibility to  expand quickly and securely into these important markets. Not to mention, Yakit is offered within India and China and can be an integral part of your supply chain for drop shipping from these locations back into the United States or Europe for example.

Duty delivery paid, full end to end tracking, automatic insurance up to 2000 USD per shipment and YAKIT’S  team of dedicated logistics professionals have tied together the end to end delivery experience all while providing a ‘Flat World E-Commerce/Delivery As A Solution (DASS) ‘ platform.  Foreign customers are USED TO purchasing their goods and having ONE PRICE that includes duty/taxes, this is where YAKIT speaks the local language of E-Commerce on a global basis.

Whether you are an Indian based retailer shipping to China, or a European based online marketer shipping to the United States, or Chinese manufacturer drop shipping to Australia, YAKIT provides solutions that make business sense and improve the delivery value chain.  Your clients are increasingly global in nature and not exploring YAKIT and its unique value proposition could expose your foreign online clients to the unpleasant experience of  the duty and tax collection process  from major ‘big box’ carriers, or local delivery  agents, this is never a good business model to follow, because it can slow delivery and open the door to a plethora of charges that you the retailer may never see, but may hear about via Social Media.

As owners of brick and mortar stores, or a partner in a Marketplace that ships overseas, the new thinking and the smart way to do business, is by offering your products in a duty delivery paid platform, such as YAKIT.    Specialty retailers offering high quality products are especially sensitive to making sure that their overseas buyers have an incredible delivery experience and providing a duty delivery paid option like YAKIT makes complete sense for these retailers.  The Holiday Season presents a great time to make sure that your packages arrive without the uncertainty of a DDU (duty delivery unpaid) experience.  Not only is YAKIT your advocate in this area, but our team of logistics experts will help you every step of the way to complete the successful entry of your parcel into the YAKIT system and into your end customers hands. The reason being is that YAKIT truly believes that the ‘only package that matters is your end customers parcel’.

Stitching together the “Delivery As A Service”  (DASS) experience takes an incredible amount of information and logistics experience along with proprietary global partnerships who truly believe that the only package that matters is YOUR PACKAGE.  There has never been a better time to start utilizing the logistics expertise and ‘boutique’ delivery experience that YAKIT provides, in order to gain more notice amongst your overseas client base.International Drop shipping to the UK | Domestic Drop Shipping UK

Whether your Marketplace needs help delivering  its products to India, or whether your online store would like to reduce customer service inquiries from foreign buyers regarding ancillary shipping charges, YAKIT  makes complete sense to explore potential ‘pain points’ and build a much better online international delivery experience.  The Holiday buying experience can be made simpler and more transparent for overseas clients though the use of YAKIT and its ability to provide duty delivery paid shipping on each and every package that your Order fulfillment team will process this buying season. Don’t forget those happy customers will be coming back with their comments after the first of the year and YAKIT was developed to make sure your clients will be smiling. YAKIT Holiday E-commerce platform with CPS Shipping