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Drop ship logistics refers to easy to use shipping application designed to manage the transportation of business mail to the post offices in the U.S. DSL uses a proven concept which has powered a number of successful companies in U.S. since 2001.

When using DSL, you do not need to truck the goods. If you have been having problems with transportation, DSL operation system provides a solution to the problem.

The company has made it easy   for clients to use its services.  It guarantees consumer satisfaction by:

  • Disclosing the charges in advance
  • Using a payment process that is easy to follow
  • Has automated pickup schedule
  • Live tracking of the mail
  • Has a reliable transaction history

Drop Shipping Logistics was developed so as to simplify the logistics of mailing.  It avails transportation quotes upfront, updates shipping status automatically and processes payments in real time.   Drop Shipping Logistics Powered by Yakit

One of the reasons why DSL is leading ground air transportation provider is that it offers competitive prices and remains top and reliable:

How to Access the Services

If you want to access full services, all you need to do is to sign up a free account and get access to their free web based tools. Once you are logged into their system, you will be able to check for information on rates, services offered, options available and any other information that may be of use to you. For CPS Click HERE for YAKIT Direct CLICK HEREDrop Shipping Logistics Powered by Yakit.



Drop Shipping Logistics allows you to make payments through the secure eCheck , Visa credit cards and Master Card typically direct to your Drop shipping & order fulfillment warehouse.

Drop shipping concept is now being used to do business. What happens here is that one makes arrangement to sell something that he actually does not physically have. All he needs to do is to make arrangement or have a contract with one or more companies that will actually package and ship the item on behalf of the seller.

How It Works

This is an online based business. If you run a popular ecommerce website, you may list products that you actually don’t carry in your warehouse. Once a client has placed an order for those products, you need to ask the manufacturer to ship the product directly to the customer. In this case, the customer buys the product from you, makes payment and waits for the product to be delivered. All you need to do is to ask the manufacturer to deliver or ship the product directly to the client. You really do not have to handle the product.  However, you need to make plans to pay the manufacturer for the goods shipped.

This method of doing business has several advantages.


  • As a businessman, you really do not have to invest in a warehouse or a fulfillment system. This means that you only concentrate on building your storefront.
  • International Cross Border Shipping with Yakit is simplified
  • Partners throughout the world
  • It allows you to increase the products you are offering by simply displaying them and not buying them upfront.
  • You don’t have to worry about shipping and managing the warehouse. DSL and the manufacture will handle the shipping logistics. However, you must engage on marketing sourcing for clients

This is a new method of doing business in the U.S. So far there are many companies that have made millions of dollars using Drop Shipping Logistics services. If your business is incurring unnecessary cost on transportation’s, drop ship logistics provides the best alternative.