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So what is Drop Shipping and Fulfillment:

Drop Shipping: move (goods) from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without going through the usual distribution channel

Fulfillment: Is a service where a company will take your products and send the order out for you. Amazon has what’s called FBA ( Fulfillment by Amazon) There are perks this however they are more expensive and unpredictable at times compared to 3rd party companies. The cost is both significant for low volume order companies just starting out to the larger ones with hundreds a week going out. If you have to pay 1.25 to fulfill a product and you sell 1000 bottles that week that’s $1250, but with a 3rd party you pay .78 per fulfillment that’s only $780, that is significant money for a small business to save.

Order Fulfillment: Broadly defined, the term order fulfillment refers to everything a company does between receiving an order from a customer (the point of sale) and placing the product in the customer’s hands. Order fulfillment processes vary widely.

Domestic Drop Shipping: USA Based Drop Shipping

International Cross Border Drop Shipping: All over the world excluding the United States.

Domestic Fulfillment: USA Based Fulfillment

International Cross Border Fulfillment: All over the world excluding the United States.

Kitting: Process in which individually separate but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. For example, in ordering a PC online, a customer may select memory, drives, peripherals, and software from several alternatives. Another example in the private label supplement industry is if a supplement company has a box, kitting service would be placing the bottle in the box and then sealing the box, the supplier then creates a customized kit that is assembled and shipped as one unit.

Warehouse Fulfillment: A fulfillment warehouse is a company that specializes in product fulfillment services, on behalf of the product owner

International/Cross Border Shipping: passing, occurring, or performed across a border between two countries. In the USA there are a couple of popular countries that like to get USA made products. USA to India Cross Border, USA to Australia Cross Border, USA to united Kingdom Cross Border, and USA to Canada Cross Border.

Cross Border Ecommerce Software: Software that business integrate into their shopping cart store to allow duties and taxes to be calculated automatically and makes no hassle buying from International Customers.  There are very limited companies that have the software to do this and only one to show they have the system that works and is reliable.  Yakit Cross Border Ecommerce Shipping Software is truly industry leading in this area.

First Mile Shipping: Who picks up your items and brings them to the warehouse to be fulfilled and then drop shipped. Custom Parcel Solutions partners directly with a company that is called just that, First Mile

Last Mile Shipping: This is the last step of the process for your merchandise to get the customer. with partners like DHL, we can get cheaper shipping and still utilize the USPS to delivery your items.