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This is a sample potential savings with CPS- Please call for the latest updates on current pricing model.

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 Below are Ground and Expedited Service charts for guidance on prices.

Ground frieght shipping cost chart


custom parcel solutions first mile shipping

The rates are reflective of an ACH payment only.  If your method of payment changes CPS reserves the right to adjust the rates.

Rates are based on the following conditions:

1.      Customer should present the items with no indica attached

2.      A service charge of $0.03 per piece may be assessed to all unassignable mail items, all shipments processed via Selective Routing & Distribution, sent to USPS First Class, and for all shipments ineligible for the SmartMail product, including non-qualified content and non-qualified physical characteristics.

3.      Rates include Delivery Confirmation at no additional charge.

4.      Parcels exceeding 50 inches in Length + Girth, which is (Length + 2 times Width + 2 Times height) will be upgraded to Priority Mail and will receive a $1.00 surcharge.