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Experience and Partnerships are what drives the success of Custom Parcel Solutions.  As the founder of CPS, I know the value of vetted and trusted partnerships and the experiences that go with those relationships.  Today’s business environment’s move at such a rapid pace between information gathering, social media and pleasing the online consumer, how can a business find the time to find the ‘best value’  relationship that will help their business grow and maintain profits?  That is tough balancing act, and this is where Custom Parcel Solutions can be an ally….Whether you are looking for a strong domestic fulfillment company that can meet your needs and at a price you can live with, or if you are turning the corner into the international marketplace and don’t have the time or energy to ‘globe trot’ to find a fulfillment partner, we at CPS are proud to make those introductions on your behalf and help you cut through the information clutter.Between our partnership fulfillment centers in Hong Kong, Toronto, or London and the United States, our experience and relationships WILL help you find the right path. Your success and continued profit growth are the most important aspect of what we at CPS can offer to your company.

Through our know-how and capabilities in the health and beauty/nutraceutical space, our clients and potential clients all seem to experience certain ‘growing pains’ or issues that become unfavorable to the success of their company and sales. CPS is a leader in front end solutions for domestic and international shippers in E-commerce and direct to consumer industries. Whether it be a merchant banking arrangement clamping down on cash flow or curtailing their operations or their product not manufactured correctly or in a non FDA or CGMP registered facility, to ever increasing domestic and international shipping costs, there are a lot of variables that affect their ability to create offers and maintain them through a successful sales cycle.

Custom Parcel Solutions puts our wealth of knowledge and successful partnership relationships at the hands of our clients.  We maintain the intonation of ‘Best Practices Providers’ 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is no room for inaccuracies in the online marketing world, and taking advantage of trusted partnerships that are proven to work, in turn we help our clients focus on their sales, grow their business and save time and money.

Affiliations are developed over years and putting a value on solid successful relationships knows no bounds.  Whether you are looking to expand into rapidly growing international markets around the world like China, or would like to have an introduction to a high quality and integrity driven manufacturer of nutritional products, that is FDA and cGMP registered or are experiencing hiccups in your domestic supply chain, chances are Custom Parcel Solutions can help you focus on the situation successfully.

Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to hearing from you