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Drop Shipping and Fulfillment Resource Information and Definitions

So what is Drop Shipping and Fulfillment: Drop Shipping: move (goods) from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without going through the usual distribution channel Fulfillment: Is a service where a company will take your products and send the order out for you. Amazon has what’s called FBA ( Fulfillment by Amazon) There are perks this […]

Custom Parcel Solutions Drop Shipping Logistics Drop Shipping Services Cross Border and Domestic USA, UK, Australia, India, China, Canada, and more.

Envío Directo y Orden de Envío by Custom Parcel Solutions

Envío Directo y Orden de Envío: Existen varias formas de enviar directamente los pedidos que se compran online. Hay distintas opciones para que los productos lleguen a sus destinos sanos y salvos. Dos opciones básicas son “Envío Directo” y “Tramitación de Pedidos”, puede resultar confuso pero vamos a ver como son dos caras de la […]

Custom Parcel Solutions | Drop Shipping and Fulfillment Cross Border E Commerce

Custom Parcel Solutions | Drop Shipping and Fulfillment Cross Border International. USA to UK Shipping, USA to Canada Shipping, USA to china shipping, USA to Australia Shipping. Cross border international shipping delivery software.  B2B services. Cross Border Ecommerce E Commerce.


The world is shrinking each day with respect to where our clients are coming from. The internet and e-commerce allows anyone anywhere in the world to look at your products and think about purchasing that item to incorporate into their lifestyle or health routine. Some companies place caveats on their websites stating they will only […]

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Cross Border Drop Shipping and Fulfillment

Cross Border Drop Shipping and Fulfillment Anyone who  is  planning on launching an online business wants to make sure that the  there is a market  for their products and that they will be  able  to ensure  their  products  reach their  customers on time and in a good condition.  This is exactly why it becomes important […]

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Ecommerce Cross Border Drop Shipping and Fulfillment

Ecommerce Cross Border Drop Shipping and Fulfillment: Goods, Products and Retail Shipping Solutions and what to look for. International Retail (ecommerce), Nutrition Manufacturing Facilities (Private Label Brands), and Goods Shipping Solutions. Retail shipping solutions are a core expertise of the Custom Parcel Solutions International shipping, drop shipping, and fulfillment business, delivering millions of goods to […]

Some Tips to Make Cross Border Shipping Easy

Today Ecommerce domestic and international drop shipping and fulfillment,  is in explosion mode and it’s not just within the country that products are purchased online.  Customers   from across the border now don’t feel that their geographical location should determine where they should shop. This opens up a host of opportunities for a number of companies […]

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What Does it Take to Start a Successful Drop Shipping and Fulfillment Business?

Launching a drop shipping and fulfillment business may seem easier than setting up a traditional one, but sustaining it takes a lot of work. You have to invest a significant amount of time & effort into this process in order to reach and maintain certain levels of profitability. Some Pointers These are some of the […]

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So, What Exactly is Cross Border Shipping?

International trade is booming and in this context, the world has shrunk. Another trend that is set to take on gigantic proportions is cross border shipping. In this kind of trading, consumers from one country buy products from countries across the globe. The Change This phenomenon is a distinct contrast from the landscape that existed […]