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Sell your products worldwide with an integrated platform that provides a seamless experience for you and your customers. BCPS and Yakit takes your ecommerce business global without the stress or hassle.

Our services for Cross Border Shipping


    All import tax and duty worked out and paid up front so there are no hidden fees & bad surprise on delivery.


    Our free repacking service will reduce the volume of your packages and add a better protection to them. You can save up to 64% business rates using our partner


    You can track your packages online, to see exactly where they are in real time.


Australian Import Duty and Taxes

  • For shopping shipped to Australia that are worth equal to or under AU$1,000, there are no duties, taxes or charges to pay.
  • For purchases that are worth more than AU$1,000, you will need to fill out a special form called an Import Declaration, and pay the correct duties, taxes and charges.
  • You will need to pay duties and taxes on some goods (eg tobacco or alcohol) regardless of their value.
  • Certain goods are not allowed to be imported into Australia, or else need special permits. For example gas and electrical and electronic goods must meet Australian safety standards.
  • What is an Import Declaration  (N10) – Post  (Form B374)? This is the import declaration form, from– the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, you may need to fill in if you are purchasing goods over the value of 1000 Australian Dollars from abroad.

Who is buying from overseas?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian consumers spent at least AUS$6.23 billion on cross border (overseas) purchases in 2013 alone! Aussies love international shopping. The most popular online shopping from foreign websites is for clothing, shoes and electrical goods. Clothes, make up and shoes can be expensive in Australia, and many international shops sell clothes, dresses and other clothing items cheaply with competitive shipping, sometimes clothes, makeup and shoes will be shipped worldwide for free.

Exchange Rates To Know

Many international shops offer prices in Australian Dollars, just for Aussie shoppers, and most will even accept AUD as payment. But, in case you are wondering here is a rough guide to the exchange rates with the UK, USA and NZ.

AUD/GBP – around 0.50-0.58 British Pounds = 1 Aussie Dollar.

AUD/USD – around 0.80-0.75 US Dollars = 1 Australian Dollar.

AUD/NZD – around 1.05-1.0 New Zealand Dollar = 1 AUD.