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Your E-commerce business needs to continue to grow and flourish. This means you must be ready for every sale coming from every corner of the planet.  After all, they call it the World Wide Web…that means people all over the world will want to look and potentially buy from you.

WE are committed to making your life easier by offering our vetted partnerships globally to aide you in shrinking your logistics footprint while bringing you closer to your end customer….WHEREVER THEY LIVE.  Our clients do not have time to ‘re-invent the wheel’ and figure the best way to ship a new package to a new customer to a new market they may not have shipped to before. That is where Custom Parcel Solutions steps in.

In a world of ‘plug and play’ solutions that many times are just plain difficult to manage, isn’t it nice to know that there is a clearinghouse of advice available to your business that might just allow you to simplify the logistics of making a package delivery globally or domestically and provide true value and the ability to make your end customers VERY HAPPY.

Whether your business is focused on sending parcels to customers within the United States or your clients all around the world, Custom Parcel Solutions is here to help you consider the ‘total  process’ of delivery.    Our ability to help clients literally fulfill closer to their manufacturers and deliver from overseas points to the US and Canadian Markets means that you no longer have to deal with the logistics of moving your freight in bulk, bringing it to the US via ocean or air, and then transporting it to a fulfillment company or in-house and then start the fulfillment process.   This ‘concept’ is not for everyone, but the companies that want quick turnaround time on delivery and are looking to start the sales process instead of the logistics gridlock that they can face can achieve faster to market sales and happier customers.